Postscript on slime molds

June 24, 2009
My tomato plant has a slime mold!

My tomato plant has a slime mold!

Slime molds seem to be traveling lately. For the first time, one of them appeared in a pot in my greenhouse. I was away for a few days and didn’t catch it in the act of crawling up on the side to form its spores, but there it is. I wonder if I brought the spores into the greenhouse on my hands or clothing after I found (and poked) the one under the juniper tree.

Once my cucumbers had mushrooms, a species that is considered a pest in greenhouses. I suppose it shows that fungi and slime molds spread themselves far and wide, like other organisms that depend on tiny spores for reproduction. Once in a while a spore lands in a good place to grow and that makes up for the huge numbers of spores that don’t grow into anything.